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Chinese Blessings Ring in Sterling Silver


This charm ring is truly a Mon Coeur original. When Janet evacuated for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, she carried with her very little jewelry expecting to return home in a few days. She wore this little charm on a jump ring that was large enough to wear on her finger. This charm ring gave Janet solace doing those difficult months after Katrina ravaged her home and her city. Upon her return to New Orleans in October 2005, the charm was cast and made into this unique little ring. She has learned since the Chinese letters on one side of the charm and the drawing on the other side translates, "all good things will come your way." Janet, in addition, included three small ring dangles to fit next to the charm. She feels there is balance and strength in objects that contain an odd number of objects: The blessings ring is available in sterling silver, white and yellow 14K gold. The finger band and the four dangling rings are one millimeter wide, and the charm is twelve millimeters across by thirteen millimeters high, and one and half millimeters thick. The wearer of this ring will feel a surprising soothing quality.

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