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Black Ink Stick with Asian Figure in Robe Holding a Staff Signed Vintage Japanese Original Boxwood Box 8.9 Gram 5/8" Wide 2 1/4" Long,


Black Asian Ink Stick with a raised in high relief Asian man squarely standing with billowing robe and necklace in original boxwood box purchased in Spain from estate sale.    In addition on the front of the ink cake are 2 seal marks on the top right corner one gold and the other silver, the 5 circle cross is on the Top side of the rectangular and are solid gold circles forming a cross, on the right side are five imprinted in the inkstick Asian characters stacked diagonally, on the left side it is blank, and on the back imprinted gold diagonally aligned characters.

On the front of the wood box is rice paper with Sumi-E Black Ink Painting writing.   From top to bottom are first five red outline circles arranged to form a cross then followed below by four Asian black ink calligraphy characters.

Size of the box is 3 inch long by 1 inch wide
Size of Ink stick    2 1/4 " long by 3/4" wide,  8.9 Grams

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